Church Hurt

Today my creator was involved in a Facebook conversation about #ChurchHurt. As a matter of fact allow me to present to you the question, his response, and the short dialog that occurred afterwards. Then I will give my feedback.

QUESTION: Define Church Hurt….

His response: Church hurt to me is hearing a Shepard say in a prayer the church won’t help you because you haven’t given to the church. It is when a body verbally says they are there for you but, when you need them (I mean really need them) no one physically shows up.

Yet they expect you to be there for them. See the way I see it we get so caught up in our levels of relationship with GOD and if a person doesn’t whoop, shuffle, shout, quote scripture, and co-sign on everything Pastor says then they are outcasted.

It’s sad that it happens. I have experienced worse hurts being involved in church more than I have in the streets. And being able to forgive is a challenge but, I have.

Reply from response: Church hurt…85% of people in the church is suffering from there own choices and they look for the church to rescue them….Then you have 15% who has suffered real church Like child getting raped by a deacon or pastor….. That’s church hurt…. The majority (85%) of people in the church use the minority(15%) and say I was hurt by the church..Why?

Response back: Now define “Church rescuing” because the church does have a responsibility to the community. There are two kinds of people…those that truly need assistance and those that leach off others.

I can understand if a person is consistently calling on the church to help them and they show no form of progress after being helped. Rightfully so the church must draw the line.

But, when a person reaches out to the church for assistance and the church denies that individual based on some prior experience with someone else or because to be honest…they just don’t want to, is that not church hurt?

That’s just like saying abuse is only physical. When we know it isn’t. The responsibility of the church as it pertains to the people and community is what it is and denial of help from the church to any person or community is what it is…church hurt.

And in the end of it all…someone will be held accountable for that action or lack thereof.

Reply from poster: I understand your view however, what people don’t realize is the church has laws and bylaws and contrary to popular belief the church is also a business and it is not obligated to assist anyone who does not give and sow to it. Now on the other side you are right it is the church responsibility to teach and preach to all people. People who are members of a church should understand the benefits of being part of that organization.

Final response#Respect But, rules, laws, or bylaws does not dismiss doing proper investigation before judgement and/or decision. And once again denial without that (investigation) garners what? Potential hurt.

No way around that. Another issue is the method of proper teaching and the expectation of understanding what is being taught. A scholar speaks in a language different than a layman yet, the scholar expects to be understood.

MY RESPONSE: Now before I begin let me BE VERY CLEAR by saying my creator has nothing but the utmost respect for the person who posed the question. To be EVEN CLEARER he considers the person a brother so my response is not in any way meant to disrespect that person or anyone else but, it is what I feel as it pertains to the subject matter.

I thought the worse hurt in the world was finding out I was the conception of rape 50 years ago but, that is not true. By far the worse hurts I have ever had happen to me were #ChurchHurts. I have befriended a couple Pastors before and at any time or moment of personal challenge when I call on them…they back far away from me and ultimately drop off the map.

Soon-to-be Ex Father-In-Law is a man of the cloth and do you know how many times I have been disrespected by him? I have attended churches where the word is preached about “Loving thy neighbor”, “Forgiving a person” and even “Praying for a enemy”. You know that stuff. And as soon as church is over…NONE OF THAT STUFF IS TRULY PRACTICED.

Folks breaking off into their circles and gossiping about other church members and what they overheard about so and so, people talking about “God put this on my heart” and they show no nothing on what they are about to say (let alone how they are about to say it) to you. They only help who they want and leave others by the wayside then get offended when a member leaves or calls them out for wronging someone.

Oh let’s not forget putting someone personal business in the sermon without ever asking if it would be okay. It’s funny how #ChurchPeople hurt folks and say “God knows my heart” and “I am a work in progress” but, don’t even see the impact of the hurt cause by them to the person. An to be hurt by a church person is nothing to take lightly. See they claim to be close to GOD so the average person looks at the as if they are angels (but a damn church person doesn’t see that) so to be hurt by angels is not something that is talked about.

#ChurchPeople are quick to spit scripture lyrics at you and look down upon you because you are either not as close to GOD as they claim to be, you don’t spit scripture like they do, or you ain’t whooping it up in church. Basically trying to dictate to you what your relationship with God is or should be even if you have one or don’t.

One thing the brother did say was the CHURCH WAS A BUSINESS (SEE BELOW)
Reply from poster: I understand your view however, what people don’t realize is the church has laws and bylaws and contrary to popular belief the church is also a business and it is not obligated to assist anyone

Well there you have it. And if this is such then technically I am not necessarily a member as much as I am a customer. And coming from the business side of things…If I as a customer and unsatisfied with the service of he business then I have a right to roll out and give my business to someone else. But, to someone like me it is much bigger then dictating to me what service I am entitled to based on how much I pay every Sunday, it is about helping me to get in line with the word and right with GOD.

Aw well guess I am gonna have to do like Jesus and keep it in these here streets. I love being #SpirituallyFree and NOT #ReligiouslyRestricted


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